Code of Conduct for business partners

1. Our social and sociopolitical responsibility


Respect for freedom and human rights is an integral part of our business activities. This creates the framework for our company and is a prerequisite for our mutual success. 


widmann solutions is committed to ecologically and socially responsible corporate management. We expect the same behavior from all of our business partners. We also expect our employees to observe the principles of ecological, social and ethical behavior and to integrate them into the corporate culture. 


Furthermore, we strive to continuously improve our business activities and our products and services to optimize in terms of sustainability and call on our business partners to contribute to this in the sense of a holistic approach.


We are committed to honesty and integrity in every respect with regard to your business conduct towards employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and other market participants. We are aware of this. that legal and cultural requirements can vary in a global market. We expect all of our business partners to act with the same fairness, sincerity and accountability in all aspects of their business. 


This code of conduct underlines important standards that are in line with the corporate values ​​of widmann solutions and from which we expect every business partner, including but not limited to suppliers, consultants, sellers, brokers, dealers, contractors, agents and others,  observes them and adheres to them.


The Code of Conduct is based on national laws and regulations as well as international agreements such as the United Nations General Declaration of Human Rights, the Guidelines on Children's Rights and Entrepreneurship, the United Nations Guidelines “Business and Human Rights”, the international labor standards of the International Labor Organization and the Global United Nations Compact. We expect our business partners to comply with all relevant laws and regulations as well as the requirements of standards.




2. Compliance with laws, rules and regulations

The business partner complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the countries in which he is active and takes appropriate measures to ensure compliance with these laws, rules and regulations.



Combating Slavery and Human Trafficking

The business partner will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations that prohibit slavery and human trafficking in their own business and in their supply chain.



Antitrust Compliance

The business partner guarantees that its business practices are compatible with applicable antitrust and competition law and other laws and regulations that may arise from e.g. B. deal with monopolies, unfair competition, trade and competition restrictions and relationships with competitors and customers. The business partner will not enter into any agreements with competitors or take any other action that may unfairly influence competition, including, but not limited to, price fixing or market sharing.



Fight against corruption

We do not tolerate corruption. The business partner also adheres to the applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, including those that deal with bribery abroad.


The business partner rejects any form of corruption, bribery, theft, embezzlement or extortion, nor does it tolerate illegal payments, in particular payments or other benefits to an individual, a company or a public official with the aim of influencing decision-making processes, regardless of this whether this violates applicable laws or not. In particular, under no circumstances does he offer, give or take bribes, kickbacks, kick-back payments or other illegal payments, incentives, gifts, entertainment, favors or other benefits or benefits of value for the purpose of realizing business opportunities or in any connection with business activities from widmann solutions.



Conflict minerals

The business partner is aware of the applicable legal requirements with regard to “conflict minerals” including tin, tantalum, tungsten, their ores and gold from conflict areas, and ensures that these laws are complied with. In addition, the business partner will make the greatest effort to avoid the use of raw materials in its products, which directly or indirectly finance armed groups that violate human rights.



Import and export regulations

The business partner will comply with all applicable import and export control laws, including but not limited to sanctions, embargoes and other laws, regulations, government requirements and guidelines that control the transfer or shipment of goods, technologies and payments.



Avoiding money laundering

We expect our business partners to comply with all applicable laws to prevent money laundering and not to take part in any money laundering activity.




3. Conflict of Interest

It is expected that employees act in the best interests of their company. Private interests and personal considerations do not influence business decisions.


widmann solutions as well as the business partner avoid any activities or situations, the zu  one Konflikt between the private interests of an employee or business partner and the business interests of widmann solutions. As soon as a business partner becomes aware of a conflict of interest, he informs us immediately.




4. Respect for human rights, anti-discrimination and empowerment of women

We respect human rights and actively promote compliance with them. We follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, which applies to every person, every organ of society and in a broader sense  Economic actors and companies asks to contribute to the observance of these rights. We also respect the tripartite Declaration of Principles on Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy of the International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations and the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. We strive to provide people with goods and, at the same time, ours To maintain competitiveness. The business partner treats all people with respect and fairness and upholds basic human rights, for example in the General Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and in the tripartite Declaration of Principles on Multinational The company and social policy of the International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations are established, in particular the prohibition of forced or child labor and the provision of reasonable wages, social benefits, working hours, freedom of association and other fair working conditions in compliance with the applicable laws.


The business partner maintains a working environment in which there is no reprisals and which is free from discrimination, harassment and other dishonest behavior based on gender, age, race, skin color, ethnic or national origin, nationality, religion, religious beliefs, physical or mental Disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or other proprietary characteristic.




5. Product safety, health and the environment

With our processes and products, we make a significant contribution to the sustainable use of resources and environmental protection, in particular climate protection. We strive to conserve resources by continuously adapting the quality and performance of our products to environmental standards and by reducing the consumption of energy, water, raw materials and supplies.


Our business partner supports us in these efforts. He strives to manufacture and deliver safe products and to offer a safe working environment that promotes accident prevention and minimizes health risks for his employees.


The business partner adheres to applicable environmental protection laws and regulations and is committed to resource conservation and environmental protection to the greatest possible extent.




6. Data Protection, Confidential Information and Intellectual Property

The business partner complies with all applicable data protection laws. He is responsible for ensuring that confidential business information or business secrets that come to his knowledge in connection with business activities with widmann solutions (hereinafter referred to as “confidential information”) are kept strictly confidential and that they are not inadmissible used or disclosed to third parties. Furthermore, the business partner protects and secures the intellectual property of widmann solutions as confidential information.




7. Compliance with the Business Partner Code of Conduct

We consider the provisions of this business partner code of conduct to be essential for the business relationship between widmann solutions and the business partner, but we reserve the right to amend them from time to time. Therefore, compliance with the provisions contained here is essential for the business relationship between us and the business partner; this is recognized by the business partner and agreed with him.


In the event of significant violations by the business partner of this business partner code of conduct, widmann solutions reserves the right to terminate the business relationship with the business partner, subject to the applicable laws.


We reserve the right to review the business partner's compliance with this business partner code of conduct in an appropriate manner. Each review is planned during business hours that are mutually agreed with the business partner and for which the business partner provides meaningful documents that clearly and transparently demonstrate compliance with this business partner code of conduct.


The business partner endeavors to become familiar with the business practices of its suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners and to oblige all suppliers, subcontractors and business partners to adhere to this business partner code of conduct or comparable values.


The business partner and widmann solutions will discuss all questions relating to this business partner code of conduct with confidence and respect.


The business partner is encouraged to report violations of this business partner code of conduct to widmann solutions (email: