You could also do everything like this

as it always was

If you wanted to follow routines, widmann solutions would not exist. You have to experience the procurement of raw materials yourself to see how it can be done better.

That is why widmann solutions has been so successful for over 10 years, without any complaints.


Franc Widmann was a buyer himself for many years. And we use this knowledge every day. But above all you.


We started with the rubber industry. Today, manufacturers in almost all industries use our insider knowledge.

What do we do differently?

We know our contacts. Worldwide. We are extremely critical when choosing our raw material suppliers. And - we remain critical. Because we want consistently reliable quality.


We are the size that makes us flexible. And we have the structures with which we can cover your very individual requirements.


We deliver. And we advise manufacturers, trading companies and service providers. We optimize processes and operational structures when it comes to procurement. 

You can measure what we can do

Successes that you can measure immediately are convincing. We are valued as external companions if you want to improve your quality. To make processes more efficient. To cut costs. To stay ahead of the competition.