New warehouse in Stockholm (Sweden)

Barely a year after the successful implementation of our additional warehouse in Budapest, we will be supplying our Swedish customers from our new warehouse in Stockholm from February 2018.

In addition to the existing warehouse locations in Schwelm (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Budapest (Hungary), we are expanding our delivery options with the warehouse location in Stockholm, thus creating a further plus in flexibility and targeted customer service.

With the implementation of this measure, in close and partnership-based cooperation with our customers and suppliers, significantly shorter delivery routes result in an ecologically sustainable concept, which ultimately also leads to a favorable CO2 balance.

The diversity of our tailor-made solutions is based on the diversity of our products and is constantly growing with the requirements of our customers.

Here, too, we remain true to our motto:
We deliver quickly, on time, cost-saving, ecologically compatible and with consistently high quality.

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