New warehouse in Budapest (Hungary)

Our company growth, geared towards customer satisfaction, continues.

In addition to the existing warehouse locations in Schwelm (Germany), Hamburg (Germany) and Rotterdam (Netherlands), we now offer a further option in Budapest (Hungary).

We are convinced that with this measure we can offer our customers a further plus in flexibility, service and satisfaction, as we can now react even faster and more individually to requests.

In addition, the close and partnership-based cooperation with our customers and suppliers with this step leads to a favorable CO2 balance due to significantly shorter delivery routes.

Since February 2017 we have been bundling our logistics for certain product groups from our warehouse in Budapest:

All deliveries from our Hungarian warehouse are marked with our Hungarian VAT number: HU30418682 executed.

The diversity of our tailor-made solutions is based on the diversity of our products and is constantly growing with the requirements of our customers.

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