Precipitated silica

Feed additive

Typical applications for precipitated silicas include:


  • Films for battery separators.
  • Additives to tires, shoe soles and other rubber items (e.g. also cell phone keyboards) to increase abrasion resistance and to improve wet slip behavior and rolling resistance.
  • Additives that improve the flow behavior of feed, soup and beverage powders or other substances that are not supposed to bake (e.g. the powder in fire extinguishers).
  • Coatings for inkjet papers that allow quick drying and better print quality.
  • Defoamers in detergents.
  • Protein adsorbers in beer production.
  • Matting agent for lacquers, especially clear lacquers in wood and automotive interiors
  • Addition to liquids to improve filtration properties (filter aid, precoat filtration)

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