FOCUS Special +++ WIDMANN SOLUTIONS FOCUS growth champion 2016 +++

FOCUS Spezial +++ Widmann Solutions FOCUS growth champion 2016 +++ among 500 top participants from 20 industries in a remarkable 170 +++ Germany-wide industry position 14, Bavaria-wide position 6 +++ Only the fastest growing German companies between 2011 and 2014 were selected by Focus and Statista nominated and recognized +++ Franc Widmann and his team are bursting with pride! +++

At this point - we believe - a little exuberance is allowed. We wished it would, but we were surprised that it would be so clear. Widmann Solutions ranks 170th among 500 top companies that have been recognized for their sales growth over the past three years. If you consider that we as widmann solutions have only been on the market since 2009, that's a great thing!

When Focus editor-in-chief Ulrich Reitz states that “this country is in an enviable state” because “creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation are anchored in Germany today”, we feel very addressed. The fact that we were invited to apply for this ranking confirms that we always want to give our best. Our competitors included private and listed German companies that achieved sales of at least 2011 euros in 100.000 and increased to at least 2014 million euros in sales by 1,8.

Background and information

2000 participants from 20 economically and socially relevant sectors applied - for example from the construction industry, vehicle and mechanical engineering, retail and mail order, health, waste disposal, telecommunications, research and development, chemicals and energy supply. The 500 most productive and fastest growing came into the circle of the chosen. Anyone who wants to find out more about which business strategies led the selected companies to success, what they want to realize in the next few years and what risks and challenges they are faced with can read in the special issue "Focus Special Growth Champions 2016" - since 17. November available in the market. Focus carried out the ranking process together with the respected statistics company Statista.

The Focus seal for the top classification, which the top-selling growth champions received, is a great addition to our existing ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2009 and ISO / TS 16949: 2009 certificates, which identify us as an A-supplier.

What drives Widmann Solutions every day

The award made us think about ourselves again - which can't hurt now and then ;-). What exactly defines the loyalty of our customers? How is it that the pages in our Complaints Book are blank? What makes us an A raw material supplier for the plastics and rubber processing producers, the adhesives and paper industry - all over Europe? Leading manufacturers of tires, automobiles, floor coverings, artificial turf, high-tech products, profile and tube systems and road markings - to name just a few industries - rely on our reliable raw material procurement and our advice, which helps them to achieve remarkable cost savings. What makes our discerning corporate customers want to place their trust in us again and again?

Franc Widmann, company founder, owner and managing director, sums it up: “We are passionate about our customers! We cannot do without quality! We enable our customers to focus primarily on their core business. The quality and variety of our product and delivery forms and the measurable effectiveness of our consulting solutions make your success and ours almost inevitable. " 

Of course, many companies claim that their actions and design are based exclusively on customer benefit. In any case, we don't talk about it much, we live it. We know our responsibility. Long live the small, subtle difference 😉 We always keep in mind that the smooth running of your business depends on the quality of our raw materials, because poor quality can cost you customers, market positions and reputation.

We are aware that the award as one of the top growth companies makes us very responsible! But that only suits us - because if you stand still, you fall behind. Neither we nor our customers can afford that. And to be honest, that's the salt in the soup! Continuous further qualification and the pursuit of excellence are not just lip service for us. We owe it to you and us.

The raw material knowledge - first hand!

We are competitive and aggressive when we enter the market for you. However, we are not satisfied with the procurement of premium quality raw materials from global producers. Whether we procure raw materials for you or you want our consulting - a good amount of advice is always included in the price! Our independent consulting business area can look back on 25 years of experience. You will benefit from our profound insights into the background of the global raw material markets in your own business. 

Our natural enemies are the cost drivers in your company. We track down potential savings and check your operating structures for gaps in optimization. Manufacturers, trading companies and service providers benefit from our tried and tested experience and experience development potential that improves their returns and makes everything run a little smoother. First-class results and additional services such as the procurement of mixtures according to your specifications give your employees freedom. 

You can pick up quick and immediately measurable improvements with a noticeable effect wherever you are. Is it about optimizing your warehousing or managing inventory, or improving purchasing or procurement? Could your logistics processes be more efficient, your organization could do with a fitness check or should we prepare a complete value analysis for you? Could you participate in our international business relationships? 

We call it "consulting without risk" in the style of Widmann Solutions, because our advice will reward you from the savings potential. No additional costs, no incalculable risks!

What does the Focus award mean for the future of Widmann Solutions?

To be Focus growth champion 2016 in a circle of 500 makes us proud and happy. Our incentive is awakened, because we want to renew this status over and over again. The signs are good: A loyal customer base, continuously new customer relationships, positive feedback, our own good feeling that we are on the right track, the sustainability of our suppliers, the power of our ideas, our self-image as a modern, progressive and trend-setting company. We look ahead - with you, our regular customers and with you, our new customers and advisory customers. 

"We'd best do it together!" Give us a call. Talking to each other is the beginning! 

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