COVID-19 info

Due to the development around the coronavirus / COVID-19, we receive new reports almost every hour about increasing case numbers, closings of public facilities and travel bans, etc. 

Despite this depressing and thought-provoking overall development, we can assure you at this point:


As reassuring news in these turbulent times, we are pleased to be able to inform you that all of our products are promptly available for our customers from our German warehouse, without the virus situation having had negative effects on the supply chain so far.

We do everything possible to ensure that it stays that way so that our products can guarantee your production reliability over the long term.

Due to the unpredictable situations in the logistics process, including the border closings to our European neighbors, we are facing real logistical challenges that we can only master together with appropriate judgment.

In this emergency situation, we have instructed our shipping partners that if the agreed fixed delivery date cannot currently be implemented, plan so that the goods will arrive at you sooner rather than too late.

We believe that we have established a sensible interim solution in the hope that various deviations from the agreed delivery date will not be interpreted too negatively in your annual supplier evaluation.

Please stay confident and healthy

Your WidSol team