Top marks for banknotes

Titanium oxide - The pigment that turns paper into a banknote

Have you ever held a beautifully colored, brand-new banknote up to the light? Marveled at the fluorescent features? Happy to see the freshly printed paper crackle between your fingers? Paper money has been a myth since the American Revolutionary War. The banknote marked a great step in human civilization. With its ultra-white radiance, the pigment titanium dioxide is not entirely innocent of the widespread use of securities and security papers.

When you pull a banknote out of your wallet today, the intelligent raw materials from Widmann Solutions are part of the game. The specialists for banknote printing use the expertise of the experienced raw material supplier from Lindau worldwide for the production of pure paper currencies and security papers that fully meet the rigid quality and security standards - as it should be for such sensitive products! The coating with a substrate made of heat-stable titanium dioxide and binding agent makes paper notes and identity papers handy, robust and resistant. Prints adhere better, counterfeiters have no chance.


Banknotes don't have it easy. They go from hand to hand and are not always treated well. They should be durable, above all forgery-proof and tamper-proof, tough and robust, water and grease repellent, microbe and dirt resistant. In all test procedures, securities must prove their authenticity through the demetallized silk thread and / or a forgery-proof watermark, through special coatings, iridescent security features and verification systems. The chemical protection with TiO2 contributes to their unrestricted authenticity. Titanium dioxide occupies a prominent place in the portfolio of the raw material supplier Widmann Solutions.


If the earth metal titanium combines with the oxygen in the air, titanium dioxide is formed - also known as titanium (IV) oxide or titania. As the best-known pigment, it is used worldwide in coatings and plastics. We encounter titanium every day in a multitude of products - from paint and consumer goods to paving stones.

Thanks to its UV resistance, the “ultra-white” light-scattering pigment, used in coatings, varnishes, textiles or paper, ensures a consistently high product quality. The indirectly resulting economic power also indirectly optimizes the general quality of life in modern industrial and service societies.


With a passion for suppliers and suppliers, the raw materials specialist also develops intelligent procurement and cost-saving solutions for manufacturers of automobiles, tires, tube and profile systems, floor coverings and special and high-tech products. His economic know-how relieves the customers in carrying out their core business and in implementing their development potential. Especially when it comes to raw materials such as titanium dioxide, the suppliers of banknote substrates, passport and visa papers, document and certificate papers and the suppliers of technical and security papers for authorities, central banks and central banks rely on Widmann Solutions' many years of raw material expertise.

Incalculable supply bottlenecks for rare raw materials such as titanium dioxide are synonymous with painful, economic losses on the producer side. Experienced suppliers who have an excellent knowledge of the raw material sources and who maintain well-established, stable business relationships give producers the good feeling of never being “left dry”. Delayed delivery stops are excluded, production reliability and adherence to deadlines are guaranteed. Qualities with which Widmann Solution customers score!

Photo credit:
Banknote: Thomas Breher
Woman on White Dune: Evan Philip