When purchasing raw materials: widmann solutions.

Because you all want to save!

You deal with raw materials every day. With commodity traders as well. That's why you know the differences. And sharpen your requirements.


We are widmann solutions - there for you when you know your requirements. And want to know where your competitors, renowned companies, world market leaders have long been shopping.


From the automotive supply industry, the textile industry and the paper industry, when it comes to white goods, floor coverings, artificial turf and road markings, profile systems, plasters and paints, adhesives, batteries and accumulators. You will also find the raw materials from widmann solutions in payment notes. Because we are worth your money. And your trust!

What do we do differently?

We have the comprehensive portfolio. Outstanding storage solutions. Best contacts. We are the specialists for accelerators, antioxidant products, retarders and PEG. And the one, exclusive, contact person for all your raw materials.


We bundle and negotiate hard, if necessary. Because we know the industries and suppliers in detail. And like to look at the fingers. Because we want the best prices for you. And the best quality. Promised!

"More than 10 years without a single complaint!"

Well-worn structures? We know from many industries.

Why not buy better?


Clients value us as the A-supplier. In terms of delivery, quality, availability, punctuality - and the conditions. We think so of course!


"Why haven't I heard from you before?"

When do we hear from you?